Best Live TV and IPTV Kodi Krypton Addons March 2019

Today in this post you will get to know about the best kodi live TV addons and best IPTV kodi addons. We have personally checked each and every addon. You can check the best live TV addons and if your favourite addon is not in this list then mention it below.

The discovery of Kodi Live TV addons is nothing less than an evolution and when it reached the hands of new users, the situation was similar to hops, skips and jumps for them. The result has gone too far with people using the facility of online video streaming with the usage of 70% of online bandwidth during peak hours. Although there are many services like that of a Netflix, Hulu etc. Those things have failed to create the aura, people look for. To tell you about what exactly it is, we have formulated a guide that will help you about the Kodi Live TV Addon. Do you know that we can install kodi on smart tv like samsung, LG etc.

No matter where are you, the hunger for TV shows never dies. In order to catch your favorite ones, getting in touch with your TV at times becomes the only option. But with Kodi Stream Live TV, things become very simple and easy. The best part about such things is that there are many different other live streaming add-ons on Kodi as well.

This article completely focuses on the  best live kodi TV add-ons needed for Kodi and the simple, easy instructions to install them on any platform of any device. You can also check out the best kodi addons. VPN For Kodi As we all know Kodi Streams all the piracy content like movies, TV shows, Live Streaming Videos and Other PPV Videos. But watching this piracy content is an illegal thing, and doing such will end up blocking your IP by your ISP. Also some of the addons are geo-restricted and can’t be accessed by all users. If you want to get rid from all these problems, then I would like to recommend you to use a Kodi VPN. By using VPN you can unlock geo-blocked content and you can watch anything on the Kodi anonymously. We have tested various VPNs and we found IPVanish is the best VPN for Kodi. Get 46% Discount Instantly on IPVanish now. GET PROTECTED NOW BY USING IPVANISH

List of Best Kodi Live TV Addons 2018 |Best IPTV For Kodi

USTVNow Plus

Just similar to UKTV Now, this one here allows the user to watch the live TV on kodi by providing the streaming access to many people in the US. USTVNow can provide seven basic network channels with absolute zero cost. The versions that are available for free are ABC, CW, CBS, Fox, PBS, NBC and My TV. The cable channels come at a cost of around $24.00 a month. Once paid, the user can actually enjoy the major channels like History, CNN, SyFy, Fox News and others. Moreover, along with the offer, one can get selected movie channels of its personal choice. The best part of USTVNow is that you actually get the freedom from worrying about the illegal live streaming as it abides by all the laws with respect to the streaming rights.

The user is required to create an account on their site, on the site of Live TV on Kodi Now. The account comes for free and its creation is necessary in order to make things possibly accessible for you. In order to complete the sign-up process, you need to go to their sign up page. The initial account will actually give you access to the things you need but come with a limitation of 7 channels. If the user wishes to access all the 29 channels then it’s necessary for the user to pay the subscription fee.


After the Phoenix went offline, then the place of the phoenix has been replaced by Bennu. It is working well then ever before like phoenix. Bennu is far better than the phoenix in terms working and organization. Bennu is very well maintained and most active addon for live TV. Bennu offers everything from sports to movies and Live TV, Live Sports and many more.

Guide To Install Bennu Addon on Kodi 17 Krypton

Bob Unleashed

Bob Unleashed is the upgraded and improved version of the addon called Bob Unrestricted. This addon has mainly focused on Live TV as the previous version of Bob doesn’t provide good live TV. Bob unleashed also provides some other features like watching movies and sports on this addon. It has got a very big library that will give you the best content.

Guide To Install Bob Unleashed Addon on Kodi 17 Krypton


Nemesis is not the popular addon, but it is one of the best kodi live TV addon that we have used so far. You can find streams of everything on this addon. This addon not only provides good streams but it also provides you the live camera feeds from around the globe.

Guide To Install Nemesis Addon on Kodi 17 Krypton

Goodfellas 2.0

The new and updated version of the original, popular Kodi addon will actually make many waves in the community of the Kodi. Goodfellas 2.0 is the best available option when it comes to the viewing of live TV because this add-on simple scrapes a large number of streams for all kind of popular channels and a bunch of other channels as well as options that might not have been even considered by you. The benefit of this add-on is that it even scrapes the webcams that are available publicly and that too from all over the globe, even from the outer space.thsi add-on even has the TV shows and Movies-on-demand that are borrowed from the content of popular sources like the specto. The quality of stream rendered by this add-on is extremely great, although sometimes they may get down too. But still, this is among the best available options that you can actually enjoy with. And you will never be able to find an alternative for this one.

How To Install Goodfellas 2.0 Addon Kodi 17 Krypton

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer addon or WWW iPlayer can give you the access to all the Kodi Stream Live TV content of BBC as well as the on-demand content of this channel. The working capability of this player is just great and the quality of the content is just high. The accessing to this content is very easy as you will find this content coming from the official site of BBC. For all the British residents, all you need is a TV license and for those who live in the UK are not allowed to access any of their content.

How To Install BBC iPlayer on Kodi 17.3 Krypton


This one is not just the Best Kodi Live TV Addons but the host for a large number of many other add-ons. Now if you are looking for the popular Oblivion add-on that you won’t be able to get this but only here. The thing is that you can get the original oblibvion add-on installed but will face problems in its working ability of the plugin as it won’t work as a standalone addon. Sanctuary has got some special section for the live TV that comes with the live TV streams for oblivion IPTV as well as many other that even includes the Pyramid Live, BAMF IPTV, Fido Live, Ultra Live, , Lily Sports Live, FreeView for which the VPN is required if the user is outside of UK and Supremacy Live. There are many other different kinds of live streams that can be offered but there are some crossovers that can be noticed especially in regard to that of US ad UK channels.


Although the castaway addon for kodi has served its purpose to people for a long time now and now that its primary features are no longer working but it still has the host of functioning links that can serve for the live TV streams. In order to find them, all you need to do is go to the “Live TV” section of this tv addons kodi and there you can find a long list of various sites of live streamable live content. The user can find differentiating sites that can stream the live content for the user. But the link that we have found for all the users for the users is the “” link. This is the only link that can provide real access to the much large number of US and international TV streams.

cCloud TV

This addon here – cCloud TV is one among the best and the “must have” Best Live TV Kodi add-on. This one here incorporates many options that are housed under one add-on that also come with thousands of listed channels. With this add-on, the user can find the many UK as well as the US channel but there will be many other significant numbers of channels, mostly international ones. This add-on is of extremely of very easy use that has a very good interface making it easier to navigate even. The quality of streaming can be very spotty but then is more of an issue for the stream source and not the cCloud TV.

How To Install cCloud TV on Kodi 17.3 Krypton


This one here specializes in sports but you can actually see a section in it that is labeled as the “Live TV” which eventually looks similar to what the user can find with the castaway addon. There are many sites that do the live TV streaming and some other services here also work well.

How To Install Sportsdevil on Kodi 17.3 Krypton

Live TV on Kodi

There are many users of Kodi who is interested in accessing the live TV via Kodi for many reasons. The sports is one such popular reasons and it is also notable here that many other popular TV shows of AMC like The Walking Dead attract a plethora of users for different Kodi add-ons.

Legal Issues

The one thing that the user must take into consideration is that not all the add-ons that the user uses have the legal authorization to grant access to live TV. Like when the user is opting to use the BBC iPlayer and if it happens that the user is not a resident of UK, then it will be termed as illegal in terms of its usage in the country. Although the BBC needs the user to have a TV license in order to access its content live on their website, still they don’t do much to verify it that the user has any. Instead of it, they just give you a message asking for the license to which you just have to either agree to disagree. For the same reason, there are many users who are using the content of BBC for free by using the VPNs.

Moreover, the British news site Mirror has indicated towards many loopholes in all the recent updates regarding the TV license purchase needs. This means that the individuals actually can use it for free on their battery-powered devices via iPlayer and in fact don’t even have to worry about the fine. To check on the same, BBC even attempted to breakdown on the use of such VPNs but got a little success.

With separate Kodi Live TV Addons, streams may break the copyright laws. This is unusually the case where the streaming channels are not getting for free, over-the-air networks. Cable channels that normally need a purchased subscription so as to access may not be the legal ones to be viewed by a streaming addon. Multiple users switch to VPNs to hide their names in this case while DMCA warnings from ISPs associated with streaming live TV content is not so common.

The user will actually find the access to the working streams for various networks difficult to find. Take the example of the recent research on how to watch Superbowl 51 on the Kodi addon, it was discovered that working streams for all the local Fox associations were only non-functional. Although Fox has special write-ups to show the SuperBowl this year, it actually appears that they have moved very quickly to close down any dorm of online live streams for their networks and associations in the run up to the SuperBowl. We know this has to be an absolute truth as we tested all those links and discovered them running only a few months earlier when we wrote regarding the add-ons that grant access to general season NFL games.

Best Kodi Live TV Addon Functionality Issues

If the user finds many non-functioning streams issues within an add-on then the user must check on the last time when the updating was done on the add-on’s source database. All Best Kodi Live TV work by taking out the streams from various sites. There are times that these sites from where the stream is getting pulled out goes down. There are many developers of addon who on regular basis keep on doing the update for their add-on while pulling from many sites. For those who do these regular updates are likely to have fewer issues.

But all those add-ons who haven’t been updated for months or even years are likely to have this issue more often. There are many addon that are listed on the Github site where the user can check the change logs and see when was the last updating done on them

But there are some dead link issues that can simply be the result of the live TV stream owners who cut off the access to the 3rd parties streaming who might be streaming the content. This similar case happened with Fox and this is also the similar case the American sports networks like ESPN. The diligence of the user is what it takes to catch the working streams. Therefore, for this reason, only, we recommend you to install more than one addon.  ax

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